Hi. I’m Adam.

How can I help you in businesss or life?

A First Principles Mantra

I cultivate growth.

As an advisor, I work with people to inspire passions and connect careers to independent consulting, authorship, and entrepreneurism—with a clear tie to employee engagement.

As a player-coach, I work with startups and teams to redesign personal goals and reconnect them to corporate goals. Then, I help drive enterprise value in product, sales, service/success, and marketing arenas.

As a consultant or employee, I work with software companies to identify opportunities for growth and lead hands-on transformations aligned with revenue, profit, customer lifetime value, and risk.

What makes me unique?

I am different because…

I am an expert in and have a lifelong passion for the design of growth behaviors, including motivation, mindfulness, neuro-leadership, and more.

I love to listen to, chat with, inspire, challenge, and sell business cases to senior executives.

I have created business designs for 20 companies over the years and launched six…and also…I learned a tremendous amount about “go to market” functions from working at 10 market-leading software companies.

I am a creative soul, paint my own thank you notes, and have learned to play 6 instruments in my life.

I want to help other people as much as I can, personally and professionally, while I am on this planet.

Why do businesses hire me?

Business leaders hire me for results not deliverables

This got lodged in my head as a kid, and I have been driven by it ever since. It’s a very good track record considering the breadth. The last three CEOs I worked for put me into a role that didn’t exist before I pitched them an idea.

Passion and expertise in the design of growth behaviors

TBD.What are they.

25 years of innovative thinking in leadership roles

Industries. Functions. TBD.

Deep on holistic customer and employee experiences


Why do individuals hire me?

Individuals hire me to help them see themselves differently and redesign self

Note my super power. TBD.

Passion and expertise in the design of growth behaviors


25 years experience as employee, consultant, and entrepreneur


Transformative life experience with death and perception


What results are possible?

Learning from My Successes and Failures

Opportunities for value creation have risk

Pitched a $20M+ spin-off to founder and chairman of SaaSOptics.com. Came on board to develop data-driven go to market plans for existing business and apply to new company. The potential was a 6X valuation for the spin-off, where shareholders owned a significant portion of the second business. Covid caused a shift in strategy and killed the investment opportunity.

Pitched a go to market plan to CEO and chairman of a revenue financing company. The potential was doubling company revenue in 1-2 years by adding data-driven demand generation capabilities. As marketing ROI began to look like 15X in first tests, the goal, budget, LTV, and compensation model were found to be invalid.

Developed a brand new hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence based strategy to CEO and Chariman of existing, $20M customer experience software provider. External investors believed the approach would triple the company’s valuation. Multi-decade relationship with CEO ended due to health-related conflict.

Co-founded and created go to market plan for big data encryption technology company, Armour.io. Led product, sales, and marketing to raise $500K. The nearest compeitor was roughly $7M and became a $30M company within 3 years. The company was shut down when our technology patent licensing partner decided to compete with us after seeing out business and product plan.

Attempted to create and raise money for an angel fund by working with on-demand services platform, WorkN. Developed 4 business plans to launch gig-economy start-ups from the platform. Short fund-raising window drew interest from investors, but the effort required more time and strategy needed to shift.

Pitched business plans and led major efforts for WebMD 1.0, Siebel Online Community , Oracle WW CRM and BI, a 300-property KPCB-backed podcast network, and more.

Who recommends me?


What People Say

“In a single conversation about consulting and entrepreneurship, Adam changed my perspective and trajectory completely. I literally didn’t see it until we started talking—he listened to my passions and past then repositioned me to deliver more value, with far less frustration.”

Chris Ledbetter, Creative Director for F500 Brands such as LG, Cadillac, GM, Samsung, Kia, VW, Porsche, HondaJet, Riot Games, and Vivint

“When I begin my own business in Home School Outreach and Personal Health Management, I wlll be seeking Adams assistance in branding and marketing. He is JUST THAT GOOD!!!.”

Rich Wise, Principle Practice Manager and Adam’s Former Manager

“Adam was a great Manager. He is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, and achieves the goals he sets. He is also fun and outgoing. I really enjoyed working for him and am thankful for experience..”

Hollie Bohmaker, Senior Director, Compliance & Data Operations at Salesforce.com

“Full of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm with an amazing ability to work. Adam has the comprehensives knowledge, detailed experience, and the ground level skills essential to 21st century leadership. He is an asset to any forward-looking team that is driven by excellence & achievement.”

Dave Ryan, Founder of 4 Software Companies and currently Chief Revenue Officer for SaaSOptics.com

“Hands down, Adam is the best marketer and product marketer I’ve ever worked with in my 25 year software career. He has been instrumental in leading our company and product in new directions and towards growth markets.”

Bill Devlin, Head of Product and CTO, Elevēo

“Adam is an excellent thinker. His curiosity and passion energize team discussions. His creativity pushes everyone to greater performance.”

Murad Fatehali
Senior Director, Business Value Services at Salesforce.com

Is levity a super power?

Absolutely! Ask me about the true story of the Dalai Lama and 5 rabbis.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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