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With 25 years of software industry experience, I help executives look differently at $1M, $10M, and $100M growth opportunities. Then, I roll up my sleeves to help teams on the journey.

Today, I found perspective.

Hellooo World! Wow. I just realized something important. My whole life, I have studied perspective. And… “Life has come a long way since yesterday.” Ziggy Marley says on the radio (i.e. Spotify on iPad via JBL Flip5).

I consider my life’s work and personal passions to be at the intersection of business design and organizational psychology, i.e., design thinking for growth and change.

Recent Results

In the past 6 years, I have been very fortunate to accomplish the following for my employers, clients, and investors:
1) Pitch, pursue, & triple a CRM-tech valuation from $35M to $110M
2) Pitch & pursue a $25M-100M PLG (product led growth) spin-off for a 4X SaaS founder & chairman
3) Help a $120M health-tech identify and pursue a $400M growth plan via value pricing (value capture and optimization)
4) Drive digital sales for a $4B-IPO unicorn in OSS/PaaS/AI
5) Raise a $500K seed/A and launch a big data encryption company.


I have worked for 12 software companies—many industry leaders. I have conceptualized and/or launched 50+ major business ideas at employers and independently. I have conceptualized and co-founded a business with 21 people. And, I have launched 5 businesses.

As shown below, my roles have covered all aspects of the customer experience for technology companies. My depth in software sectors is with customer experience, CRM, BI, artificial intelligence, and overall value optimization.

Lifelong Passions

My life long passions include growth leadership, mindfulness, and cognitive neuroscience. And, I am one of those people who would rather learn than watch TV.

I believe design thinking has barely become part of corporate DNA, and I am fascinated by the possibilities of its impact on humanity.

Life Philosophies

My personal philosophy is based on non-egoic mindfulness and acceptance of human imperfection. The prior is very hard!

I believe business is about a) treating your fellow human how they wanted to be treated and b) being self-aware of any habits of thinking that don’t line up to this mantra of serving others.

While I am on Earth, I want to help other people as much as I can, personally and professionally.

I am part of a consulting collective, combining my core skills with partner experts in value pricing and extended reality (e.g. VR). Together, we bring a network of independent consultants together to solve big challenges.


What People Say

“Full of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm with an amazing ability to work. Adam has the comprehensives knowledge, detailed experience, and the ground level skills essential to 21st century leadership. He is an asset to any forward-looking team that is driven by excellence & achievement.”

Dave Ryan, Founder of 4 Software Companies and currently Chief Revenue Officer for SaaSOptics.com

“Adam is an excellent thinker. His curiosity and passion energize team discussions. His creativity pushes everyone to greater performance.”

Murad Fatehali
Senior Director, Business Value Services at Salesforce.com

“Adam was a great Manager. He is very knowledgeable, detail oriented, and achieves the goals he sets. He is also fun and outgoing. I really enjoyed working for him and am thankful for experience..”

Hollie Bohmaker, Senior Director, Compliance & Data Operations at Salesforce.com

“Hands down, Adam is the best marketer and product marketer I’ve ever worked with in my 25 year software career. He has been instrumental in leading our company and product in new directions and towards growth markets.”

Bill Devlin, Head of Product and CTO, Elevēo

“Anyone who has met Adam knows that he is an energetic, hard-working, professional who is passionate about innovative use of technology to drive real business results. I would highly recommend Adam to potential employers or prospects.”

Edward Stone, Chief Customer Officer, AutoQuotes (and Adam’s former peer at Siebel Systems)

“In a single conversation about consulting and entrepreneurship, Adam changed my perspective and trajectory completely. I literally couldn’t see it. He listened to my passions and past then repositioned me to deliver more value, with less frustration.”

Chris Ledbetter, Creative Director for F500 Brands such as LG, Cadillac, GM, Samsung, Kia, VW, Porsche, HondaJet, Riot Games, and Vivint

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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  • Today, I found perspective.
    Hellooo World! Wow. I just realized something important. My whole life, I have studied perspective. And… “Life has come a long way since yesterday.” Ziggy Marley says on the radio (i.e. Spotify on iPad via JBL Flip5).

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