Industries + Services

Business designers are inherently broad.

Yet, they must have depth too.

In virtually all sectors, specialization matters. With design thinking, breadth is the specialty. However, designers are tinkerers and motivated learners—depth in key areas, such as product and sales, is table stakes.

You just have to accept the laundry list :).

The perspective of breadth is what makes us different.

Industries Served


  • Software, data, digital media, and online training
  • Consulting, advisory, agency, analyst research, and media services
  • Human cloud and virtual services
  • Consumer: healthcare, psychology, media, music, retail, wellness, training, services, self-help, mindfulness, and meditation
  • Web apps, website management, and social media
  • Search engines and artificial intelligence

Services + Specialization


  • Startup and product-market-fit hat juggling
  • Idea conceptualization and pitch design
  • Business design and market analysis
  • Behavior and employee experience design and training
  • Strategic messaging, creative, and brand delivery
  • Revenue, profit, and competitive analysis
  • Value pricing, optimization, and growth portfolio design
  • Customer experience, VOC, and metric design


  • CRM Sectors
    • Software for product teams, sales, marketing, customer support, and customer success
    • Business intelligence
    • Revenue operations
  • Financial
    • FinTech and and SaaS Accounting Software
    • Angel, Seed, and Venture Capital
    • Revenue-Based Financing and Factoring
  • Technology Platforms
    • Data Science and machine learning
    • Unified Communications and collaboration: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex
    • Search: Apache Solr and Apache Geode
    • Cloud: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS: Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes
    • Big Data: Graph, Hadoop, Spark, Greenplum, Redis, and Encryption
    • Development: Spring Framework (Java) and RabbitMQ
  • Healthcare: digital education, patient experience, hospital operations, and nuero-related specialties


  • Strategy
    • Value optimization and growth
    • Corporate development and go to market
    • Product
    • Sales, Channels, and Marketing
    • Services: Consulting, Support, and Success
    • Technology
    • Corporate development
  • Various operations and tactics across product, media production, sales, channels, services, marketing, technology, and corporate development.
    • Executive leadership, go to market facilitation, and whiteboarding
    • Product vision, conceptualization, storyboarding, product led growth, and value measurement
    • Training, video, writing, and graphic design
    • Sales presentations, offer definition, and proposals
    • Success process definition and customer interviews
    • Product Marketing and Pragmatic Marketing

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