So, I’ve only recently decided to write at a deeper level. I’ve journaled here and there, but not with the same voice or intent as I do now. Now, it’s pretty open and with the intent of helping others at a deeper level. This is deeper thinking and exploration.

With that said. I’ve been looking at my past very differently for a few weeks…and I am realizing how important it is…to just write down the things that have been on my mind for decades.

Pattern matching is one of those things. So is design thinking.

It seems that I see patterns a different way than most people probably do. I am not unique, but it is less common to think first by abstract thought. I don’t mean this ego-centrically. This pattern matching thing has been a common observation over time for me. I have a harder time not doing it than doing it. I do it by default.

OK, to the main point.

So, the patterns I see as most important for design thinking are very limited in terms of top Google serps. The ones coming closest see business design and behavior design as major elements of design thinking.

The easiest way to explain it is through a pattern match.

I have been on the creative side since childhood and also studied industrial design hardcore in college, and have always applied design thinking. My context is NOT physical or even digital products, it is web app, CRM, and business model designs, processes, advanced analytics, and metrics. It is CX from physical, digital, human, or code. I have an orientation of applying design thinking to business design.

Since I also studied the crap out of search engine science, engineering, application, and design, I can look at things as word clouds. I match these in my head for most things. I just have to think about it.

Meta seems to me, to be about higher order thinking – at least a truly different perspective. Meta is when something refers back to or is about itself, like a book about books or a meme about memes.

I know I am rambling, but this is how humanity is starting to learn. It is very, very clear in the millennial generation. I would put a science converation up for it.

By Adam B Bloom

Industrial designer by education, software product marketer by profession, communicator and writer by happenstance, entrepreneur by DNA. Always interested in the overlap of sales/marketing, innovation/design, and learning/psychology, and I also like brain science, music, meditation, and technology.

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