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Happy New Year: A Gift of Gratitude and Abundance in 2022

To My Family, Friends, and Colleagues—With Deep Love and Affection,

My Wish for You in 2022 is for—Life Changing Gratitude and the Abundance it Generates—Particularly with Self-Love—but also Financially.

I can truly say—and I have experienced this personally—the practice of gratitude has been the greatest gift I’ve ever been given in my life. But, it started with the most pain a human can experience. I was in a very, very dark place when I decided to do this—the darkest possible place for a human to be, which I will explain. But first…

My 2022 wish and gift for you is—and I am humbled—to share how my gratitude practice has unfolded over 11 years and around 4000 posts on my “365 Days of Thankfulness” page at 4000 posts means I posted, on average, 364 days per year, for 11 years. This was also 364 searches, 364 photos, and 364 words in description each time—364 days a year, for 11 years. Sometimes a post took 30 seconds, sometimes 30 minutes. 4000 posts includes 4000 searches about thankfulness. I didn’t look at it this way until today, and it is a bit overwhelming. There was such darkness 11 years ago—looking back at it now is unreal.

Tomorrow, on January 1st, 2022, I am committing to take action.

My intention in “putting these gratitude life lessons out there in the world,” is for them to become a 2022 New Year’s Day gift of love—for any and every human who needs it, which also has a byproduct of helping all of us continue to increase our own self-awareness, self-care, and self-love. Gratitude is a reciprocal thing. And, my experience was born out of complete darkness, which makes it, let’s call it “energetically interesting.”

I offer this from a genuine place of no ego—or at least an intention of super-low ego :). This is the best gift I could give to anyone—the best life lesson I have ever learned. I teach my 8-year-old daughter this stuff—it is the best gift I could give her. Actually, it is the best gift I could give any child. And, I have discussed it a long time with close friends and family, but today is the first time I am publicly sharing my darkest time on Earth and taking action.

You can go read the old page. But, I want to formally invite you to join me in dialogue at I am spelling my first name differently here—replace A-d-a-m with A-t-o-m.

Tomorrow, on January 1st, 2022, I am committing to take action—starting a new business—where this practice is also foundational to helping people and businesses grow.

Starting Now

Starting now, I am committing to follow-through on this gift in an open dialogue format—I plan to spend 1000s of hours over the rest of my life. I will explain below—how it has transformed my life in every way possible—so you can use my death-facing life experiences—and 11 years of studying it through the lens of neuropsychology and meditation, AND, while being a business leadership junkie since childhood—to transform your life. I am sharing it for anyone who wants to transform their life in a new way. Especially if you are facing darkness, which we have all done a lot in 2020 and 2021—everyone around the world has. This can help. A lot.

It took a long time for me to consciously perceive this. It took 11 years to learn about it—all by doing it and reading about it. The start of it hurt a lot. I want YOU to skip the hurt part and do it much faster than 11 years. I am here to help—no question. It is part of my life purpose. This started from darkness.

I can’t even believe I have “done my daily thankfulness practice” around 4000 times over 11 years.

You don’t have to be in a dark place to do this. You don’t have to commit to this length of time or volume. I am just saying, offering, and asking, hey come on over to my digital space and dialogue any time at, subscribe, do your own posts, send me messages—and definitely, definitely make your own posts—especially if you are struggling with life.

Your posts are the vision—and I believe this energy comes from a spiritual place—the vision is to create a stream of gratitude from every member practicing it daily Let’s start with a goal of 10 people doing this, then 100, and so on. At the point of time I decided to stay on Earth, I actually committed to this vision. It was the vision 11 years ago. I might sound repetitive, but now, is the time for me to thank the universe and world—and take action.

Now for the Darkness—The Place this Started

I have mentioned a dark background many times now—one that I haven’t discussed publicly EVER—not for 11 years. This was the worst point in my life—and the worst point any human can reach. I need to share it—to help me heal so that I can help others heal.

Let me describe this dark place.

It is an intense level of shame—I was ashamed to be alive.

In 2010, I dealt with the worst kind of anxiety and depression you can imagine. Specifically, I got to the point that many people call “the scariest point in their life.” In fact…I…DID NOT…want to exist on Earth anymore. It was that bad—and—some form of it lasted for over 6 months. The hardest part was the voice in my head that would tell me I was a piece of shit—about every 60 seconds—I timed it. This happened day after day after day—at all awake hours—for weeks and weeks. I don’t wish this for ANYONE in the world.

This gratitude practice is a remedy to help heal anyone who is there right now, dealing with anxiety and depression. If you know me and are there right now, get in touch as soon as you can—I understand where you are.

Now, for the Part about How Gratitude Came Into My Life

Right at the point I chose to leave complete darkness, I committed to three key things.

One, I was going to continue studying neuropsychology deeply—as it helped me heal myself in a significant way. Deep in my heart, I wanted to BOTH continue healing myself so that I could help heal others. And, also being an entrepreneur at heart, I wanted to apply it in business somehow in the future—somewhere in the software and media business—where I had been for 15 years. Why in business? Because I have always believed business is fundamentally about serving others. I can say that have done my best to be this way since I learned of this concept as a kid—it was reinforced heavily by an entrepreneurial family. I wasn’t perfect at it at all, but I tried to make an effort every day.

Two, I was going to continue studying and practicing meditation—for the same reasons in my heart.

And three, I was going to practice a daily act of gratitude—for the same reason in my heart AND because the first two components were the key design components of my gratitude practice.

This practice has been a gift—in the most complete way possible. Gratitude is is a physical and/or psychological action, but it is also spiritual. It is ethical, intellectual, and emotional. During a sabbatical in 2020-2021, I discovered something really big related to this. Based on neuroscience, behavioral engineering, and human-centered design principles, I have discovered a way to connect neuropsychology, meditation, and gratitude—to financial business outcomes and personal development in a provable and profound way. This is the vision for the next chapter of my life.

The Practice—365 Days of Gratitude and Abundance

It is almost an out of body experience for me to say the words, right now, on New Year’s Eve of 2021, I am sharing my 11-year practice of gratitude with you and will continue going on New Year’s Day of 2022. Looking back over my whole life, it is the best gift I can possibly share with others.

In short, my practice has been this…

To start a practice, all I am saying, offering, and asking in terms of a practice is—come engage with others on this new page as your life unfolds, not on any schedule. Habits start with tiny steps. Maybe you already want to commit to posting one time, one minute, hour, week, or perhaps a month. Maybe you want to subscribe and learn for 60 seconds each day. Or, just come and ask me questions about it whenever it pops in your head. Ask for anything—maybe you would like a group recording of a campfire-style, open discussion? I’d love it. It would be a blessing. I’ll explain the exact steps now.

Most every day—sometimes I would miss days or weeks or months—sometimes I would do many per day. But each time, I would stop what I was doing at some point during the day or night. Open the FB Page app on my phone—take a picture or search for a picture to save and post—write somewhere between a few words to a few paragraphs about what I was thankful. Then, I would click post on Now, I am starting a new page— to do it with you—to make it ours, not mine. I am here as a steward.

That’s it. That’s the whole practice. A few minutes a day. But, I need to point out in neon lights—what makes it work is daily practice. Daily is the key. 1 to 3 minutes a day. That’s it.

So, what happened after I started? A lot. The biggest lesson, is that it permanently changes your ability to perceive life. Financially, personally, and in most every other way.

In 2010, it helped me overcome the hardest things you can deal with mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. More recently in 2021, it led me to a $20 million business opportunity—COVID crushed that dream by the way. In 2021, it also opened the door for me to start a new type of life coaching practice. Since 2010 until today, it has manifested a wide variety and very long list of amazing things in my spirit, heart, mind, finances, and well-being.

I have spent 25 years in growth roles at fast growing companies, but I am taking on a new part of me. I’ve always been a spiritual guy—but this year—I felt more like a humanitarian. I realized my personality type was empath—it took 47 years to realize it—and just a few days to understand it. This year wrapped up with me doing a lot of study and practice with breathwork, chakra healing, and deeper energy awareness. My connection with god has grown 1000 fold. And, my commitment to others has as well.

I love saying this now. Tomorrow, on January 1st, 2022, I am committing to take action—and starting a new business—where this practice is also foundational.

Come do it with me!

From the Heart

When I started with, “To all of you – with deep love and affection,” I meant it from a deep level of sincerity. Deep in my heart. At a humanity level.

Any one of us could have a few “top-10 life stressors” happen at once—and go into a dark space like I did. And, none of us truly has complete control over things like death, health issues, job-related stress, losing a lot of money, or getting laid off—not to mention COVID. I don’t wish dark depression and deep anxiety on it on anyone. It really, really sucks. I want to help heal it. It is a key to my life’s purpose, which I also committed to when I overcame complete darkness.

Right now, I invite you, formally, to join me on this journey into 2022 with a gratitude practice at

I don’t think I truly understood self-love, self-acceptance, self-awareness, self-forgiveness, and self-trust until this year.

I Love You,


By Adam B Bloom

Industrial designer by education, software product marketer by profession, communicator and writer by happenstance, entrepreneur by DNA. Always interested in the overlap of sales/marketing, innovation/design, and learning/psychology, and I also like brain science, music, meditation, and technology.

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Hi “Atom” Happy New Year back to you! Your WordPress post on 01/01/22 was awesome and it was posted on “Global Family Day” too (see link below). Very elevating. Congrats on your new service adventure. Georgia Character Education Law (Official Code of Georgia 20-2-145) mandated that all public schools teach character ed, and since there are ~2,000 schools in GA, that may be a useful lead for lots of contracts with your new company.
Peace, Love & Gratitude,


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